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How to extend the Life of your Piano by Jacob Presayzen

You just enjoyed a charming song by Ray Charles and Billy Joel “My Baby Grand“.
The meaning of the lyrics of that song is: no matter of all the worries or troubles of life, even when we
get older or weary, or if the ones who we love leave us - "
My Baby Grand is always there for me".  
Please, take a moment; sit dawn at Your Baby Grand, and just play a melody you love, or a simple cord.
On a well-tuned piano you would be able to hear all the overtones perfectly aligned and interacting in
harmony, vibrating in many different combinations, creating
The Sound. There is a scientific theory,
which explains the substance of Life as Vibrations of Higher Energy. The Sound is the product of those
Vibrations. The strings of The Piano create The Sound.
You may read all of the above and stop me with a reasonable remark:
"But, please, tell me about MY
.  Even if I try very hard, I would not be able to tell you everything about your piano within the
limits of this article. I hope we will be able to have those conversations from time to time in the future,
as a result of which you would take a fresh look at Your Baby Grand and make it your trusted
companion in life.
If you ask me a direct question:
“How do I extend the life of my piano".  There are three basic things as
a piano owner can do (provided that your piano is regularly serviced), which would greatly improve the
quality of performance (sound and touch), and most of all the reliability and long term health of your
piano.  They are: Humidity, Humidity, and  Humidity . Surprised? If you are able to provide 40-45 range
of humidity throughout the year-you are in great shape. Get a good humidity gage, first of all and
depending on the readings you may have to get a humidifier for the heating season and dehumidifier for
the summer (Damp-Chaser could be a good investment as well).  Naturally, never place your Baby Grand
near the fire place, or heater, central air vent, any drafts or direct sun light. Your Baby Grand likes
stability, and don’t we all? There is an old saying:
"Your piano can only be as good, as the last person
who worked on it"
. There is a great deal of wisdom in those words.
Today’s piano has evolved as sophisticated, complex mechanism, the action of which has nearly 9,000
parts, all intricately interwoven. Every piano has a personality, its own voice. As with any finely built
objects, regular and proper servicing of your piano is of vital importance if you want to extend its life.
During the first few years of stretching, the piano needs to be tuned several times each year. After this
period (except in situations of extremely heavy use), two times per year is usually adequate. With normal
home use, the piano will require a complete (or partial) re-regulation every several years. That ensures
that Your Baby Grand does precisely that which you demand of it.
Additionally, as your piano is used, the hammers will continuously change its original density (usually
harden). Consequently, your piano requires periodic voicing to maintain its sound and its special voice,
which actually makes it only
Your Baby Grand, which is “always there for you”.
If you provide good care to your piano it will reward you greatly in many beautiful ways:
With the logic of Bach’s fugues, or brilliant simplicity of Mozart’s sonatas, intimacy of Chopin’s
nocturnes, or nostalgic sophistication of Brahms’s intermezzos.
My best wishes to you in your musical
endeavors and new relationship with Your Baby Grand.
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