testimonials boston piano tuner
Below are just some of the Testimonials Boston Classic Piano Services received over the years

I consider Jacob to be one of the finest piano technicians/tuners that I have worked with in my long career
as a pianist.  He is a man of enormous dedication, honesty and devotion.  Jacob is one of a dying breed of
old classic school tuners who do not use any electronic tuning devices.  Rather, he uses his ear, and his
tunings are therefore sensitive to many nuances that a tuning device cannot possibly measure.  Not only
does he know as much as anyone possibly could about the complicated inner workings of the instrument,
but he listens attentively to each particular request of the pianist, and respects and addresses those
requests.  Jacob is the only tuner used by UNH for its Celebrity Series events, and his tunings for those
special concerts made such great pianists as Antonio PompaBaldi, Olga Kern, and Menahem Pressler ( to
name a few ) very happy!
Arlene Kies - Concert Pianist, UNH faculty, BM, MM, New England Conservatory

Jacob has been tuning my Steinway Piano for over 6 years and as a Master Tuner and Technician there is
none finer. He is meticulous, the consummate professional
And has a very pleasant personality.
Ann Sweeten - Award winning, chart topping Steinway Artist / Composer

Jacob is the most scrupulous and professional while tuning and regulating my piano. After his work it
always surprises me with its evenness and quality of tone.
Eugene Kaminsky -New England Conservatory preparatory piano faculty / South Shore Conservatory

Jacob is a great tuner and it is wonderful to work with him.  As a musician, I am pretty fussy how the
piano sounds, and I am always happy with his tuning.
I recommend Jacob highly.
Bonnie Pomfret - DM.Adi.Associate Professor of Music / Boston University.

I have known Jacob for many years and I have observed his fine work on many different pianos in many
different situations. He takes on the most difficult and complex task with such positive determination that
one is always confident that, if a problem can be solved at all, Jacob will not quit until it has been
solved.  Jacob is extremely conscientious in his work, and always demands the highest standards of himself
and of the pianos he works on.  I have been a professor of piano at UNH since 1979,
and during the twenty –seven year period, a number of tuners/technicians come and gone, but Jacob is
clearly the best we have fortunate to employ to look after our pianos.
Christopher Kies - Ph.D. Professor of Music UNH Durham

Jacob has been my piano technician for several years, and his work has been excellent.  As a performing
musician I have very high standards for tuning, mechanical work and voicing and Jacob always exceeds
my expectations.
Stephen Porter - Concert Artist, Piano Faculty Phillips Academy (Andover), Chamber Music B University
Tanglewood Institute
testimonials boston piano tuner
testimonials boston piano tuner
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